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Love, Cherish and Bless

Beloved - Pearl and Natural Rosa Quartz Bracelet with fortune charm

Beloved - Pearl and Natural Rosa Quartz Bracelet with fortune charm

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Crafted with the enchanting energies of pink rose quartz and the timeless purity of real pearls, this piece is designed to make every wearer feel cherished. Adorned with a silver Chinese character '福,' it not only brings prosperity but also amplifies the essence of love, grace and self-care.


Designed and Made in Spain
Material: Natural Rose Quartz, Genuine natural Pearl,Premium Sterling Silver
Size: Adjustable 18cm / 7 inches stretch

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  • Made in Spain

  • Natural Gemstones

  • Hand-Crafted

  • Fast shipping


福 /fú/

福/fú/ is linked to the concept of happiness and well-being. It represents the wish for a joyful and contented life. It embodies the idea of receiving blessings and positive energy.


Love and Self-care

Rose quartz is often referred to as the "Stone of Unconditional Love." It is believed to promote love, compassion, and understanding, fostering a sense of deep, unconditional love for oneself and others. It encourages individuals to prioritize self-compassion, acceptance, and nurturing their own well-being.


Unconditional Love and Emotional Healing

Natural pearls are associated with emotional balance and harmony. Wearing pearls is thought to have a calming effect on the emotions, promoting a sense of serenity and stability.

Design Inspiration

The shimmering sea at a warm spring dusk

"I was inspired by the shimmering sea at a warm spring dusk while sitting by the beach. My gaze fell upon a radiant pink crystal, igniting my creativity.

I envisioned a gentle yet resilient female figure, much like the pink crystal, full of love and inner strength. I decided to intertwine the pink crystal with pearls, symbolizing the every breath and heartbeat in a woman's life.

The silver "FU" (福) symbolizes blessing in every moment, carrying the continuous inheritance of good fortune and happiness from Eastern culture. The bamboo represents unyielding perseverance and steady advancement - resonating with the gentle yet resolute power emitted from a woman's heart.

Together, this bracelet is a tribute to the gentle yet resilient power of women. "

--- Annie, Creative Director at BlessingVibes

Frequently asked

Frequently asked

Can I combine this bracelet with other ones?

yes, you can combine it with other accessories.

How to take care the stone and the bracelet?

It's essential to avoid exposure to harsh chemicals, perfumes, and cleaning agents, as these can potentially damage the stones or affect their appearance. Clean the bracelet gently using a soft, damp cloth, and store it in a pouch or jewelry box when not in use to prevent scratching.

Why the size of each stone might be different?

The size variation of the gemstones can stem from natural differences, variations during cutting and polishing. It is natural to find different sizes in one piece.

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