Made In Barcelona, Inspired by the world

In the heart of Barcelona, where the vibrant spirit of the city meets the ancient wisdom of the East, two Asian souls found themselves on a serendipitous journey. Meet Annie and Evita, the dreamers behind "blessingvibes."

It all started with a cup of Spanish coffee and a shared love for the mystique of feng shui and the enchantment of natural crystals. Living in the lively streets of Barcelona, we felt the energy of the city but craved a touch of home. That's when the idea of "blessingvibes" was born – a fusion of our Asian roots with the artistic heartbeat of Barcelona.

As friends turned business partners, we embarked on a quest to curate more than just products; we sought to capture the essence of blessings. Every piece in our collection tells a story – a story of positivity, of cultural blend, and the magic that happens when two worlds collide.

From the narrow alleys of the Gothic Quarter to the sparkling beaches of Barceloneta, we scoured the city for inspiration, and "blessingvibes" became our canvas. Each feng shui decoration and crystal jewelry piece is a brushstroke, painting a picture of the harmony we found in this beautiful corner of the world.

We invite you to join us on this adventure – to infuse your life with the vibrant energies of Barcelona, the ancient wisdom of Asia, and the positive vibes we pour into every piece. "Blessingvibes" isn't just a brand; it's a piece of our journey, a bit of Barcelona, and a touch of the East, waiting to bless your space and style.

So, come, be a part of our story. Let's share the magic, and may your journey be as blessed as ours.